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Ark Bio is a MedTech investment holding company focussed on early cancer detection and intervention.

Motivated by our conviction that intercepting cancers in the early stage can lead to cures and prevent deaths caused by cancer, we set ourselves the mission of creating a cancer-free world by eliminating late-stage cancer by the year 2048.

To succeed in this mission, we will work with researchers and clinicians to provide solutions for early cancer detection and inspire the next generation to adopt lifestyles that will maximize the use of these solutions to manage their health. This is why we have set ourselves the target of eliminating late-stage cancer within 30 years, or roughly one generation. When we succeed, cancer will no longer be terminal: all cancers will be prevented, fully cured, or managed as a chronic disease.

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2 Tukang Innovation Grove,
JTC MedTech Hub, #09-02
Singapore 618305